Prenatal Care

During prenatal visits, our primary intention is to take time with you to get to know each other well. Building a relationship of trust is, perhaps, the most important aspect of our time together. Knowing us well, you will be able to pour all your energy and attention into the job of giving birth to your child. Knowing you well, we will be tuned in and helpful to you during your labor and birth. To build this relationship, most prenatal visits are about an hour long, and include both a standard physical check in as well as plenty of time for questions, concerns and conversation.
    We see you every month during the first two trimesters. At the beginning of the third trimester, we begin to see you more often. A month before your due date, we do a home visit, and after that, we see you weekly in the office until your labor starts. During prenatal visits, we will review your lab tests and health history, nutrition and exercise, circumcision, vaccinations, waterbirth, postpartum support plans, parenting issues, and any other questions you have.