Postpartum Care

    At the time of the birth, we will perform a newborn exam. The newborn screening blood test, required by law, can be done by one of us in the home two to four days after the birth, or a waiver can be signed which we will send in to the state. We will continue to be on call for you if questions or concerns arise. We will make two home visits, usually within the first ten days after the baby is born.
     At the home visits, we will assess for jaundice, progress of nursing, your healing, and general well-being of both you and your baby. The birth certificate application will be filled out at this time and sent in. For a small fee, you can obtain a notarized copy of the birth certificate from your town office at a later date. Additional follow-up visits can be arranged on an individual basis, as needed.
     A three week visit in our office is suggested to check in on your adjustment to breastfeeding and parenting, baby's well-being and weight. Finally, a six week visit includes a Pap Smear, review of self breast exam, and a weight check for the baby. We also discuss family planning options, breastfeeding and parenting issues.