Labor and Birth Care

    As your due date approaches, we will stay in close contact and provide phone numbers where we can be reached when out. We prefer to be contacted at the earliest sign of labor so that we are able to make childcare arrangements. Once contacted, we can keep in touch by phone until it is time for us to come to your home.
    During active labor, we will monitor your well-being and progress, as well as the well-being of your baby. We will offer physical and emotional support as needed, be watchful of your hydration and nutritional status, and offer suggestions to augment your labor when needed. To prevent a perineal tear, we often apply warm compresses and warm oil to the perineum, as well as offer verbal guidance and suggestions for optimal positioning, to complement your own work. Some women prefer to labor and/or birth in warm water, using a birthing tub, which we provide.
    We will provide information, explanations and suggestions as necessary to ensure your active involvement and decision-making in the labor and birth process. Your privacy and personal needs will be respected.